[2021] TDG Legal & Accounting (TLA) Firm is a specialised unit of The DCANS Group (TDG) Limited - CRN: 12645872, VAT #: GB 157 9161 82. TLA houses Document Templates, Contracts/Agreements Vault, Case Libraries (incl relevant judicial precedents), our LawTech Platform, and Litigation Finance Service (Ethical & Compliant). TLA collaborates, partners and interfaces with other SRA-regulated lawyers and/or other country-specific regulated lawyers, competent paralegals, conveyancers and ICAEW-regulated accountants and/or other country-specific regulated accountants, as well as takes economic interests in regulated law firms and accounting establishments.

TLA currently only provides services to TDG, its subsidiaries, affiliates, employees (incl Existing Customers of The TDG Ecosystem, where applicable), worldwide.